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You've got a great idea for a startup. You know this is going to work, that all you need to do is believe in it enough and make it happen. You know how your idea works, and what it needs to be. But you don't know how that translates to practical actions that you can take right now.

Perthcolator has been designed by the best mentors and instructors in the Perth startup community. We have all started actual new businesses before, and most of us are working on startups at the moment.

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Tech Hub - The home of the Fusion Founder Program

The Tech Hub is very proud to host Atomic Sky's Fusion Founder Program. Designed for any founder using tech to create innovative, gorgeous, functional products that solve their customers' needs, Fusion is a 12 week program. The program puts the focus on each Founder's company to help them build a better, bigger, more investable business.

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