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At Tech Hub, we’re all about getting things done. That’s why our coworking space full of experts, startups, individuals and businesses are more than just coworkers and members

We know the value of keeping clever company as we bring our ideas to life. When we come together, we are harder, better, faster, stronger.

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Digital First is Driving Innovation Opportunities with India

Atomic Sky India Leadership Panel. Tom Calder, Ashley Brown, Amit Kumar Mishra, Graeme Stanway ATOMIC SKY LEADERSHIP BREAKFAST SERIES This month's Atomic Sky Leadership Breakfast Series panel focused on Innovation, India and Australia. [...]

Ready to change the way you work?

It's no secret that the biggest goal for people around the world is to be happy, and live in a happy society. It's an even bigger ideal for Aussies, with the importance we place on a [...]

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5 tips for hosting a business event

For a great way to network, get a message across or launch a new product/service, business events have always been a great stepping stone for growth. However, pulling off the perfect event that meets your [...]

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Fintech comes out on top: Tech Trends 2017

Fintech is the frontrunner in trending tech sectors, according to the latest rankings from Techboard. The category made up half of the top eight companies, with NSW business loan company Prospa coming in at number one. The top [...]

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Hot desking initiative launched at Tech Hub

Tech Hub hosted the WA Government's initiative launch earlier this week, who are introducing two Hot Desking Centres for public sector staff. Andy Lamb hosted Premier Colin Barnett and Deputy Premier Liza Harvey, who announced the policy [...]

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Somewhere in the middle: Resident Story Series

When businesses are somewhere in between working from home and having an office of their own, they turn to coworking (ideally, at Tech Hub). Video production company Studio Orange moved out of a home office [...]

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Ensembly launched on September 10th 2017, with a series of four Sunday afternoon concerts at the Studio ...

Dr Darren Gibson talking about outcomes @THELINK_ECU #innovation @City_Joondalup

Our Founder, Jack Quigley representing Australian #FinTech and presenting the opening keynote for the 6th China FinTech Summit in Shanghai!

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