Are you serious about integrating yourself in the Perth Tech community? You’ve come to the right place. Other than running a coworking space, Tech Hub provides an exclusive, comprehensive platform for like-minded people- a community membership.

A networking heaven for Startups and Tech people, the membership is ideal for staying in the know and advancing professionally.

A recent shift in focus has seen Fintech, IoT and data driven businesses become the core of Tech Hub, and with this a surge of innovation and success.

KiandraIT, Fire Tech Camp and Spring Tech have all recently joined Tech Hub’s coworking space, and collectively prompted CEO Andy Lamb to drive a community focus once again.

“We want everyone who’s interested in Fintech and IoT to get involved in the Tech Hub, because this is where it’s all happening. A community member gets all the benefits and knowledge of a resident without the desk”.

Andy says that it’s not about the size of the community, it’s the quality and the level of support it can generate. Our community members are mostly software tech and data, and have a wealth of knowledge to share within their network.

At just $200 annually, becoming a Tech Hub community member can grow your network and skillset- serious value for money.

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