The State Government hosted its Innovation Hub launch a couple of weeks ago at Tech Hub, as part of the new Innovation Worth Sharing state brand.

Innovation Minister Bill Marmion hosted the event, which included the announcement of the Government-supported online innovation hub. The site “showcases the innovation journeys of local start-ups and businesses, and informs and connects aspiring innovators to the wider innovation community.”

Mr Marmion said this is a step in a great direction for WA, and is happening quickly off the back of the WA Innovation Strategy kick-off a few weeks ago.

“We listened to what the local innovation community wanted, and we are already starting to deliver on those commitments.”

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He also made reference to the “fantastic innovation ecosystem” we have in Western Australia, and that with these platforms and campaigns, we can “show local, national and international audiences that Western Australia is a great place to live and innovate”.

Atomic Sky and Tech Hub CEO Andy Lamb hosted the launch, and said, “it’s great to see our space being utilised to support innovation on the whole for WA. It’s an exciting time- there’s a more clever innovation ecosystem happening now than even 6 months ago.”

Mr Marmion puts it perfectly by stating, “we already know we produce innovation worth sharing – now we’re telling everyone else.”

To take a look at the innovation hub, click here.