Aside from expected benefits like client meeting spaces and exclusive invitations, being a Tech Hub resident has some quite unique inclusions.

1. Reciprocal rights

Our coworkers are often flying around the country for business, but we’re making sure their coworking-style habits aren’t impeded on. By teaming up with coworking spaces in various major cities, our full time residents can access a desk, meeting space or general coworking facilities free of charge whilst away on business.

So far, Co-Hab (Adelaide) have joined forces with us, and offer a great range of large and small meeting rooms.

If your coworking space needs a Perth partner, we’d love to hear from you! (

2. City location, suburban views

We’re pretty pleased with our Northbridge location, and rightly so. Our residents all need a central location to access transport and be close to clients and services, and Tech Hub is a short 10 minute walk from the CBD. However, north of Aberdeen Street everything gets more relaxed- trendy restaurants, big trees and historical facades make the corporate world feel at arms length.

Not to mention our floor to ceiling windows, quiet side street address and open air balcony giving a very non-office vibe.


3. Brand without the price tag

Unlike many coworking spaces, Tech Hub offers the option of personalising your desk/space. This isn’t just a photo of the kids or a coffee mug, but semi-permanent branding to increase validity and brand presence.

Residents use everything from pull up banners to stickers and even products (see below) to set themselves apart from what appears as a sea of desks to clients and visitors.


4WD protection system company, Rhinohide

For more information on Tech Hub, or to organise a free one day desk trial, email