We’re torn- here at Tech Hub, we work closely with our residents, introduce them to our network, and have a hand in building their business in a variety of ways. But when it comes time for companies that have outgrown coworking to leave, it’s bittersweet.

One innovative team ready for their own space is Rhinohide, who moved into Tech Hub over a year ago.

CEO Marc Berryman found his time with Tech Hub valuable for personal and business growth.

“Having an office outside of the house got me far more motivated, it felt like I was more accountable to the business… we have actually engaged three separate businesses also working within Tech Hub to fulfil media and website services for us”.

One of the most raved about benefits of coworking is networking, and Marc highlights the influence of his coworkers. “It’s been huge. It’s amazing how many times you end up chatting with someone about a current issue, and they have just been through it or know someone who has the answer. Increasing your network definitely makes life easier”.

On leaving Tech Hub due to Rhinohide’s expansion, Marc finds- “we have made some great friends here, which is the hardest part about leaving”.

Read more on Rhinohide’s journey, featured in Startup News.

Another business that accelerated quickly during their time at Tech Hub is FireTech Camp Australia. CEO Andrea Conte came to Tech Hub mid 2016, to run his first training programs. He moved in as a resident late last year, quickly moving from one desk, to two, then to a private office. The team sourced an office space of their own a few months later, due to employee numbers and fast paced success.

CEO Tech Hub Andy Lamb says, “it’s obviously great to see them doing well, and ultimately it’s what we do, but it’s hard to see people go”.

The team at Tech Hub are proud to be part of the journey for all residents- from seeing the trial and errors, facilitating interviews, and offering advice and mentoring, it’s all vital in the upward climb of a small business.

To have a chat about becoming a Tech Hub resident, contact hello@techhub.io.