It’s almost one month into 2017, so before we launch into another busy year, Tech Hub is reflecting on its growth and the successes of the full time residents. Last year we were host to the minister for innovation and big corporates such as IBM and Iluka, had diverse lunch and learns (and a few just lunches), and welcomed many new residents and community members. In a short 12 months, our full time residents smashed goals, and put Tech Hub on the map for tech innovation.


In 2016, GIS Agribusiness SpringTech took part in implementing the geospatial solution for the Nicaragua Grand Canal Project. CEO Alex Goulios says, “the project will store and manage the massive quantity of geospatial design data expected throughout”.
Alex also highlights the year’s achievement of rolling out their SpringAgri solution to agriculture clients, for a real time view of geospatial and yield data in one system.

Studio Orange

The clever team at Studio Orange have been with Tech Hub from the start, but in 2016 they grew significantly. They produced over 90 videos for various clients (including music videos and documentaries), and hired 4 new team members. Watch their ‘year in review’ video here.


Shark tank investors Rhinohide had an amazing year, selling $250,000 worth of stock (up from zero in 2015), creating 6 new models of 4×4 protection panels, and being signed to appear on a ‘where are they now’ episode on Shark Tank in 2017.

*Rhinohide moved out of Tech Hub in Jan 2017 into their own office (!!!)*


Digital transformation company MagenTys ended 2016 with their first SaaS (software as a service) application, and a number of Open Source products. They’ve also now got a team of 8, compared to just one in 2014.


Kiandra IT are working remotely, with their main company growth happening over in Melbourne. They estimated a 10% company staff growth for the year.

These are just some of the achievements made by our residents at Tech Hub, so if you’d like to be a part of what’s sure to be a successful 2017, head to our site.