When businesses are somewhere in between working from home and having an office of their own, they turn to coworking (ideally, at Tech Hub).

Video production company Studio Orange moved out of a home office into coworking in 2014, with just one team member and a small client base.

Creative Director Nanda says the company had an organic transition into Tech Hub, when they were looking for space and found the Tech Hub had opened it’s doors for entrepreneurs.

“It was a natural thing. I needed space, and although we’ve changed and progressed over the years it’s one thing we’ve always needed”.

Over the past 3 years, the business has utilised Tech Hub in a variety of ways, including client growth. Residents, community members, and even the Tech Hub management team itself are loyal Studio Orange customers.

The team at Studio Orange found being at Tech Hub helped validate the company. Nanda says, “the proximity and facilities are what we find important. Clients often think ‘wow, what a great meeting room’, and the whole professional atmosphere sets a tone that we are a visible business”.

The linchpin for small businesses and startups is growth, and Tech Hub promotes this with it’s second floor offices. Residents often move from the open plan coworking floor to an office when they reach milestones that require a larger private space, such as more staff.

Nanda highlights this as being one of the ways Tech Hub facilitated their business growth. She said, “because we were in the coworking space before, it allowed us to grow into an office suite. It was easy, and allowed us [the team] to work closer together which is so much better now that we’re so busy”.

Small businesses and startups benefit greatly from mentoring, which is readily available (and usually free) in Tech Hub. Lunch and Learn presentations and one on one mentoring and advice are just some of the tools Studio Orange have taken part in to accelerate their business knowledge.

See their 2016 wrap up video here.