Fintech is the frontrunner in trending tech sectors, according to the latest rankings from Techboard.

The category made up half of the top eight companies, with NSW business loan company Prospa coming in at number one. The top ranked Perth company is 3D printer startup Aurora Labs, proving that Perth is up there for Australian Fintech innovation.

Tech Hub focuses on building the Perth network of Fintech, IoT and data driven businesses, with over 80% of it’s coworking residents being tech based.

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CEO Andy Lamb is cofounder of real estate disruptor small business Mikastle, launched at Tech Hub, which uses one platform to simplify and revolutionise the listing/finance/settlement process. The team applied startup thinking to the Fintech features, and highlight the success of the trend in WA.

Tech Hub parent company Atomic Sky also runs mentoring services that support the growth of Fintech in corporate settings. Their frequent corporate innovation seminars focus on the application of innovative tools such as Fintech, Lean modelling and idea crowd-sourcing.

Atomic Sky CEO Andy Lamb finds the results exciting, but not surprising. He said, “there’s been a huge surge in the market for a few years now… it’s great to see businesses taking innovation to the next level and actually disrupting the finance sector”.

Fintech is also surging in the US, with evidence from the US Huffington Post suggesting it is “delivering financial solutions that people deserve”. As the article states, when it has it’s own hashtag, you know it’s big.

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