For a great way to network, get a message across or launch a new product/service, business events have always been a great stepping stone for growth.

However, pulling off the perfect event that meets your objectives isn’t as easy as it seems. Here at Tech Hub, we’ve put together a few tips to ensure you get the most out of your next workshop, presentation or seminar.

  1. Partner with other businesses

To effectively market and run your event, teaming up with local venues, institutions or corporate companies can be hugely helpful. It also helps portray your business as inclusive and dynamic, and creates an atmosphere for collaboration.

Tech Hub offers a great space for events and workshops. Host in our modern facilities offsite from the usual office environment, get a great Northbridge location, and we’ll also promote your event to our coworking residents and social media followers.

2. Don’t forget the little things

Despite your best efforts, sometimes the specific objective of your event may not reach all of your audience post-event. What you can do, however, is ensure that they at least go away with an idea of your overall business culture. This way, you increase your chances of staying in their minds for when they do need your services.

Branded cupcakes, high quality name badges, or even offering sparkling water as well as tap- it all works towards your audience’s opinion of the brand. For more ideas, click here.


3. Find your niche

Ensuring your attendees are like minded people who share an interest in your product/service is integral. What is just as important, however, is ensuring you are presenting specific ideas that speak to them and their requirement.

Creating detailed content on one idea, or presenting one part of a new product can prove more effective than a more generic topic. It can seem less daunting to newcomers, and provide avenues to create a series of events.

4. Create opportunities

Networking and the possibility for business ventures are huge influencing factors for business event attendees. What makes a great event, therefore, is facilitating this. Marking out time in your event schedule for mingling, introductions and business card swapping is essential, and also allows your attendees to get it out the way, then be fully focused on the rest of your content.

CEO Tech Hub/Atomic Sky Andy Lamb says, “if you mark out time for networking at the start and end of your event, you’re making sure everyone made the connections they wanted to without interrupting your content”.

5. The follow up

Checking in with your attendees post-event is not only polite, but a great marketing tool. It facilitates a chance for any further questions to be answered (“what was the second speaker’s email address?” “what were your points from the final slide again?”), and adds to the tone and culture of your business. Where appropriate, post-event surveys are also a great tool to use for performance analysis.


Business events are a chance to showcase your business attributes and unique assets. Successful events, however, can accelerate your company to new heights. To host an event at Tech Hub, contact today.