It’s no secret that the biggest goal for people around the world is to be happy, and live in a happy society. It’s an even bigger ideal for Aussies, with the importance we place on a work life balance. The way we work is changing to fit this- companies are hosting staff retreats and challenges, installing couches and TV’s, even bringing puppies to the office (we’re looking at you, Google). However, the key to this happy balance requires more than just novelties and creature comforts.

That’s where coworking comes in. Working in an open space with multiple desks may not be new, but working amongst different companies altogether certainly is. People from all walks of life, with different degrees, education, experiences and outlooks can mingle with each other, creating a breeding ground for innovative thinking.


Look at it like this. Ming has a social media marketing startup, has experience with target audiences, dynamic thinking and communications. Alex has an agribusiness company, and needs completely different mindset to run his business successfully- logical, mathematical and financial. If Ming needs advice on approaching investors, or Alex wants to know why his Facebook posts are not getting traction, advice from one another is readily available when you’re making your morning coffee.

Altering the environment we put ourselves in for 8+ hours a day, 5 days a week, has the ability to change a whole business economy. Consciously deciding to place yourself amongst new ideas and fresh outlooks is not only beneficial to you and your work mindset, but also to outsiders- ‘hey, they must be a clever, fresh businessperson- they’ve chosen to disrupt their work environment’.

coworking change

Coworking is a change to your work lifestyle. Everyday is different, with different clients and residents constantly flowing through, and a variety of ideas floating around the space. It’s also a popular place to host meet-ups and educational events, because what better place to facilitate exciting change, than a workplace dedicated to doing just that?

Making the change from what you know about a workplace and a work structure is daunting. But the global economy is changing, and instead of just keeping up, be part of the change. 

One last thing- Ming and Alex are real, they work at Tech Hub. Meet them, and take a look around. Book a tour with us today.


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